(Director’s Cut)

In the past, Warrior, like it’s competitors, has used gimmicky ads, but after noticing NHL players choosing its hockey sticks due to nothing but product performance, it wanted a campaign that encouraged hockey players to do the same. In response to a number of Bauer (Warrior’s largest hockey competitor) ads that featured athletes surrounded by flames, this campaign encourages players not to choose a stick based on such gimmicks. The campaign features Montreal Canadians player Brendan Gallagher, a player who chose Warrior’s QRL for no other reason than that he found it to be the best stick he could find.

Client: Warrior
Advertising Agency: FAIR FOLK
Product Launch Covert QRL

included: Video campaigns, social media content, printed advertising campaign and product photography.

Brendan_Gallagher_websize1-e1468586381151.jpg web_CF004082-e1468586967643.jpg Brendan_Gallagher_websize4-e1468586509729.jpg